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TechniqueFleet by Technique Car Audio & Security was created under suggestion by a large number of clients & customers who have had enough of mainstream Telematics providers that make fleet management an ultimate pain.

Our customers have screamed out for a fresh approach to fleet management, and to extend our friendly & personalised service for Tracking sales & customer care - as found when a customer purchases a Bluetooth phone kit, Car alarm or any other product sold by us.
We at Technique Car Audio & Security listen to you, our valued customer and created an array of Tracking & Telemetry systems with features you have asked for and ready for the future, as well as the quality and reliability to withstand the Harsh Australian Climates and conditions.

For well over 10 years, Technique Car Audio & security has been heavily involved in a vast scope of Tracking & Telemetry applications and have created user friendly solutions including;

- Fleet management tracking systems from Single Vehicle to Large Fleets
- Car Security Tracking systems with Back to base monitoring or self monitoring using your smart device
- Excavator & Earthmoving equipment Security Tracking systems with Immobilisation & theft attempt alert
- M2M (Man to Machine, or Machine to Machine) Mobile & Fixed Plant equipment including Remote Generators, Communication towers, etc. used for sending critical alerts including Power outage, Cooling system failure, etc., as well as transmitting other data, eliminating the need for periodic visits to the asset or site.
- Integration of On-Board Truck scales reporting Individual axle groups and Total weights.

…And numerous other applications, including customer-specific requests.

TechniqueFleet has refined all the above attributes and has introduced a range of Products, Systems and Solutions to cater for all Mobile, Security & Fixed Asset applications with easy methods of communication including, Smart device & desktop friendly Fleet consoles, Notification alerts straight to your phone, Advanced Driver Consoles, etc.

We cater for all fleet sizes and we are designing Tracking & Driver console systems especially for smaller Transport companies by having all the functions you need including Electronic Work Diary functionalities, BFM & AFM compliance, PIN code driver login, instant messaging and more, This will allow smaller Transport companies to be compliant with all Transport legislation, be more proficient and most importantly, have a better bottom line.

As TechniqueFleet is owned, sold and installed by Technique Car Audio & Security, you can take advantage of our other services including Bluetooth Car kits, CB Radios & Antennas, Electrical fitouts, On board truck scales, repairs and more - making us the one supplier who can cater for all your Mobile electronics requirements

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We quietly aim to be Best in Class in all aspects and we also aim to make you, our valued customers & clients to be best in your industry.